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SolAzul Handmade

Traditional Colombian Products

100% handmade by Colombian artisans

A brand by Rossana Redondo

SolAzul Handmade is the result of my deep passion for Colombian artisans and for their capability to create beautiful pieces where fashion and culture come together.

This personal project aims to advantage the Wayuu artisans by valorizing their handmade products and selling them in other countries around the world, giving to the Wayuu community a greater earnings. We want to bring awareness about the traditional Wayuu bags all around the world.

I was kind of bored before I received my Wayuu bag, now I feel it all more colorful! The bag is simply divine!

Gina Peñaloza

People stop me on the street asking me where I've buyed my beautiful bag. I swear!


The bag is so beautiful and there is a lot of space in it. I personally love the precision and accuracy of the seam and of all the details.

Giulia L.

The 'Wayuu Bags'

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